How do I download images?

Option 1: Bulk Download

To download your images on the Virtuance Marketing Suite, follow these steps:

  1. Go to to access the Virtuance Marketing Suite (VMS) and log into your account.

  2. Click on the listing for which you want to download images

  1. On the listing dashboard, click download photos from the upper right or lower left corner.

  1. Select the size/quality of images you’d like to download. There are four options:

    1. Web Display - perfect for adding to social media or your website

    2. MLS Images - images that are optimized for your specific MLS

      1. You can change your MLS by selecting “Change MLS.”  This will then allow you to download those images 

    3. Print Quality - high resolution files for magazines, brochures, postcards, etc

    4. Download all sizes - this option will allow you to download all image sizes that are organized into their own folders

  1. After your download has completed, you will be given the option to open the file. Select "Open". 

    1. Once the images have completed the download, a new window will open with two files in it. One file will say COPY ADJACENT FOLDER TO DESKTOP and the other will be a file with the address. For ease of use, we recommend dragging the folder with your property’s name to your desktop.

Copy adjacent within Zip

Note: You may need to open the new window by clicking the box that appears in the lower portion of your screen:

The photos will be downloaded as a zipped or compressed folder. For help on how to unzip the folder, click here.

Option 2: Individual Photo Download

From your photo gallery, click on the magnifier tool on top of the image you wish to download to enlarge the image

Once the image is enlarged, click on "Download" in the lower right corner to download the image!

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