How do I unzip/extract the images once they are downloaded?

Once your zip file has downloaded, it will automatically save into your recent downloads folder on your PC.  We'll break this down into 5 steps!

If you already know where to find your downloads folder, you can skip ahead to Step 3.

Step 1: On a PC, you can find your downloads folder by clicking on the yellow folder at the bottom of your screen in your taskbar, which will open your file explorer. 

Step 2: You'll notice there is a menu on the left side - Windows has a "Quick Access" field which will automatically list the places you access the most often, so your downloads folder may appear there. Otherwise you can find it by clicking on "This PC" and then "Downloads"

Step 3: There are multiple ways we can unzip the file:

Option 1: In your recent downloads folder, find the zip file with the property address. Next, we'll want to right click on top of the folder so a menu pops up. From here we can left click to "Extract" or "Extract All"

If this worked for you, skip ahead to Step 4!

Option 2: Alternatively, if you left click once on the folder you'll notice at the top of your file explorer there is an option to "Extract" under Compressed Folder Tools, which may be highlighted in pink

If you left click on "Extract", the menu will change and you can then click on "Extract All" on the far right side

Step 4: After completing Option 1 or Option 2, a new menu will pop up to "Select a Destination and Extract Files". This is to choose where the unzipped images are saved on your computer. First, click on "Browse"

From here you can pick a location to save the images to. You can choose desktop, pictures, or documents, wherever is easiest for you to find! In this example we'll save to Desktop. After left clicking "Desktop" we can then click "Select Folder".

Step 5: This will take us back to the menu we were at before we clicked on the "Browse" button. Since we've already selected our save location, we can now click on "Extract" one last time to unzip and save the file.

Your photos are now saved and ready to upload from this folder on your Desktop to your MLS!

Troubleshooting Tip: "Path too long" error - if you encounter this error message when trying to extract or unzip the file,

then we'll need to rename the file folder before attempting to unzip/extract it. In the screenshot above the folder is titled "1514 Promontory Bluff View Colorado Springs CO - Web Quality", but simply renaming the folder to a shorter version - "1514 Promontory Bluff View" - will allow you to unzip or extract the file. To rename, right click on top of the zip file and select "Rename" from the menu

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